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Terms and Conditions

If you haven't read the Dueling Modems Terms and Conditions Agreement, you should do so now. You must accept these Terms and Conditions to sign up with Dueling Modems.


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First, Choose A Username

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  • Can be up to 16 characters long.
  • Can contain numbers, hyphens, and lower case letters.
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The username you choose will identify you to other dm.net members, and will be used as your e-mail address (username@dm.net) if you select e-mail options below. Your username will also be used as the address for your personal web site and DM member's newsgroup, if you choose either of these options below.

Please note that the username you select may be modified when we set up the account to make sure it meets DM's system requirements. Most often, this means that we'll convert the username you select to all lower case letters.

Enter the username you'd like to use, then press "Check Name" to see if that name is available:


When you've found a username you like that isn't already in use, enter it in the space below. Then enter a password. Then enter the password a second time to confirm.

     Dueling Modems Username: 
     Dueling Modems Password: 
            Password (again): 

Name and Address

Information about billing is not kept on the Dueling Modems server, but is stored off-site on a non-internet-connected billing machine.

         First Name: 
        Middle Name: 
          Last Name: 
     E-mail Address: 
    Address Line #1: 
    Address Line #2: 
  State or Province: 
 Zip or Postal Code: 
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Web Page Options

Each DM subscriber is eligible for a personal, 3MB web site. This site is provided for non-commercial use only.

    Yes, I'd like a web page!  
(You'll receive instructions on how to access your DM website directory in your signup confirmation letter.)
    No thanks, I don't want a web page.

Mail Delivery Options

Each subscriber receives one DM email account (username@dm.net). Email sent to this account may be picked up from your POP3 mailbox on DM, or may be forwarded to any other email address you specify.

   Hold my email in my POP3 mailbox on DM.
(You'll receive instructions on how to access your DM mailbox in your signup confirmation letter.)
   Please forward all my DM email to:


News Group Options

   Yes, I'd like to have a personal newsgroup

   Please DON'T set up a personal newsgroup for me.

Billing Details

Service Plan

   Monthly Plan (US$6.95/month)
   Annual Plan  (US$69.50/year)

Special Offer (please enter the Offer Code)

Payment Type

Dueling Modems is currently only accepting payment via VISA, Master Card or Discover credit cards.

Credit Card Info
                  Credit Card: 
                  Card Number: 
              Expiration Date: 
  Name on Card (if different): 

 I want to use my credit card, but I'd rather not send that
    information over the Internet.  I'll call the DM Billing Office
    at (415) 290-9842 instead.

Please note that we must have your complete billing information in order to create your account, regardless of any free trial period offers that may be in effect.

Account Security Code Information

In the event that you need to contact us by telephone, your answer to this question/answer combination will allow us to confirm that you are who you claim to be.

The question and answer needn't be true, but the combination should be something easy to remember, and something that only you would know. Don't use anything that someone attempting to impersonate you could find out or look up.

  Security Question: 
    Security Answer: 

Signup Survey and Comments

How did you hear about Dueling Modems?

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Now all you need to do is certify that you are older than 18 years of age and that you accept the Dueling Modems Terms and Conditions Agreement by typing "accept" in this box:

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If you've left out any required information, you'll be prompted to make any necessary additions to this form.

After you click on REGISTER, this form will be sent to DM's Billing Department, where your new account will be set up. This may take up to three working days. Once your account has been set up, you will receive a "Welcome to Dueling Modems" email, which will provide instructions for setting up your software to access the various parts of DM, including the BBS and your email box and web page directory.

In the meantime, you may want to look over the information in our Member's Handbook for detailed information on using DM's various features.

Thank you for joining Dueling Modems!

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